Oktoberfest at Fairplex


Photo courtesy of the Fairplex

Thirsty attendees are greeted by the sights and sounds of alcoholic festivities.

Danny Celiz, Staff Writer

The fall season gets many people excited for a multitude of paraphernalia like pumpkin spiced delicacies, sweater weather, and of course Halloween. Others count down the days until they can celebrate the time-old German tradition of Oktoberfest, a 21-year-old only event full of Oom-Pah-Pah music (bands that can be heard in villages and beer halls of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for the past 100 years), games with prizes to be won, authentic German food, and gallons upon gallons of beer.

Taking place exactly where the L.A County Fair was, Oktoberfest has a different vibe upon walking into the fairgrounds. As guests enter the grounds they’ll be greeted by large colorful fountains, rows of flags, and the sounds of people having a good time. Once past security, guests will finally see all the entertainment stands surrounded by a colorful array of decorative scarecrows, sunflowers, autumn leaves and pumpkins.

Moving right into the main draw of Oktoberfest is the beer itself, and guests will be excited to know that there are a dozen different choices to guzzle down. From German owned beers such as Widmer Hefewizen, Franziskaner Hefeweizen, and of course Spaten Oktoberfest. For those that aren’t adventurous in their drinking endeavors, there is also a choice in Shock Top Pumpkin and Budlight. All of these beers and more can be poured into a 32-ounce stein for the totally Oktoberfest experience.

Having a few beers is fun in and of itself, but listening to music with some friends while drinking is even better. Thankfully the Fairplex put on three different types of music events to get people up and dancing. One of the two halls hosted a D.J. playing modern music on a turntable with colorful lights and another had bands play Oom-Pah-Pah music for those who want the full experience. The main draw is a center stage located outside, next to beer stands that have cover bands playing classic rock music.

As the night gets darker and the beers begin to pile up, that’s when hunger starts to set in and Oktoberfest has the food needed for a true festival feel. With grilled bratwurst, knockwurst, and even sweet corn on the menu, you can’t help but have the full experience. For lighter meals there are also pretzels and pickles for those guests that want food, but don’t want to lose their buzz. If someone needs to sober up with something greasy, there is also King Taco that has a full list of tacos and burritos.

 As the event hits 11 o’clock and last calls are heard throughout the halls, guests then gather their belongings and start making their way back to their cars. Ubers and Lyfts are all lined up to help those who can’t drive home. For those who can drive, they stumbled their way into the night air that reeked of mistakes and bad decisions. The fairgrounds closed their doors, only for the night, awaiting their next victims.

If this event sounds like fun, there is still time to go as this was only the first week. The event goes on until the 29th of October and tickets are only ten bucks per person. So if you’re 21 and love beer, this is one event you should not miss.