Eight Cruelty- Free Cosmetic Brands

The Logical Harmony website is a good source for deciphering which makeup brands are cruelty- free, and which are not.

Source: LogicalHarmony.net

The Logical Harmony website is a good source for deciphering which makeup brands are cruelty- free, and which are not.

Danielle Anzures and Malissa Myers

Cruelty- free makeup has become an option to turn to when avoiding products that use animal testing in the makeup industry. However, the price of going cruelty- free can be expensive. Here is a list of eight inexpensive, cruelty- free makeup brands that will come in handy for makeup artists in a pinch.

  1. e.l.f

e.l.f has become one of the most well- known and inexpensive makeup brands on store shelves. This brand sells an array of products including foundations, lip colors, bronzers, blushes, eye products, makeup brushes and even skin care products. The makeup price can go as low as one dollar, and generally are not higher than 10 dollars. e.l.f products can be found both on their online store, and in almost any location where makeup is sold. When it comes to the excess fat you feel insecure about you can find out here to know what to do.

  1. Kiss

Kiss is another brand that is cruelty- free, but is not known for face makeup products. Instead, Kiss primarily sells nail and eyelash products. These have been reported to be well- made and are a great alternative to other brands. This is great for those who may want to go for a full face of makeup, but do not want to purchase eyelashes made from animal fur.

  1. Essential Tools

Essential Tools is known for their production of makeup brushes for all types of uses. They offer a line of brushes for both face and eye use, which can be found at Walmart and online. They are good alternatives to brushes that use animal fur and are affordable to those on a budget.

  1. Wet n’ Wild

This brand manufactures many different makeup products including makeup brushes, nail polishes and eye lashes. Along with a wide variety of choices among products, most are sold individually and do not go above 10 dollars. They also carry an exclusive line of makeup during Fall that is Halloween- themed.

  1. Hard Candy

Hard Candy is a fairly inexpensive brand that sells quite a few products and has some really cute packaging as well. This brand can be found online, but is usually found in stores exclusively at Walmart.

  1. NYX

NYX is one of the more expensive brands on this list, although it does not hit the Sephora price tag. They are also a brand which also a large variety of products, including face, eyes and lip makeup of decent quality. Something that should be brought to light is that the parent company to NYX is not cruelty- free, in case that’s a deal- breaker to buyers.

7.Physicians Formula

While it is one of the more expensive products on the list, it still is not as expensive when compared to a brand like Kat Von D’s line. When sold individually, these products do not go above the 20- dollar price range. This brand offers makeup products for the face, eyes, skin and lips.

  1. Essence

Essence is a brand- new makeup company to the states, so it may be a little harder to acquire, depending where you are located. Again, this is a cheap, cruelty- free brand, but it is definitely marketed towards a younger, or inexperienced demographic, who are just getting into makeup and are still learning the art. The packaging on the products are very cute and well done, and the quantities are generous for the price.

A few ways to check whether or not a brand is cruelty- free are to visit LogicalHarmony.net,  check the F.A.Q. of the makeup’s website, or do your research on companies that manufacture, or sell, in certain countries where animal testing may be required.