Coachella Survival Guide: 8 Helpful Hints

Noah Garcia, Staff Writer

Coachella is an annual music festival which showcases several different types of art and music. Taking place in the Colorado Desert in Indio California, the predicted average temperature of 2016’s Coachella is expected to range from the 80’s to the high 90’s.The musicians playing this year include such artists as: Guns n Roses, Ice Cube, Zedd, 1975, Alessia Cara, Calvin Harris, of Monsters & Men, and Sia. The festival also features several different food options, this year highlighting restaurants such as Rosaliné(peruvian food), Pok Pok La(Thai food), and Commissary(Korean food).

This following is a comprehensive account of all of the vital steps that need to be taken in order to have a great time at Coachella.

  1. Know the rules

On their website, they have a complete list of what you can, and cannot bring into the festival area. Such guidelines include having absolutely no: pets, Instruments, Chairs, drones, selfie sticks, Coolers, Medical Marijuana, totems, and recording devices.

2.Pack Light, Essential Items

Although the area is huge, there is not a lot of wiggle room in the campsites or the performing areas, so packing the items that vital are really important. Items such as: a portable phone charger, sunscreen, closed toe shoes, dry shampoo, lockable suitcase/backpack, and reusable water bottle.

3. Pre Festival Body Prep

The festival is going to be filled with several different types of cuisine, snacks and a lot of alcohol. The combination of the weather, the musics, the food and the energy of the festival will tire everyone out, and the body can only handle so much. The week before, it is best to try to avoid all liquor, fatty unknown foods, extraneous activity and to eat healthily. The festival takes a lot of a person so it’s best to have your body in the best condition it can be.  

4. Bring Protection

Body protection should be the most important concern of a Coachella participant. With all of the different options and opportunities it’s important to be prepared for anything. That’s why it’s important to bring any type of aspirin or pain relievers, stomach medicine, icy hot patches, and band-aides.

5. Bring the Right Outfits

Its best to bring really light, loose clothes for the actual day activities, and pack thermals and padded clothing for the night. With everything going on it would be wise to pack inexpensive clothes that really have no personal attachments because accidents happen.  

6. Stay Hydrated

With temperatures reaching to the high 90’s it is imperative to keep yourself hydrated. With all sorts of alcoholic drinks and rapid dancing and movement, the body needs to be filled with water so it can survive the festival.

7. Plan a Route and Schedule                                                                      

The smart thing to do, would be to go to their website and to print out or take a screen capture of the festival grounds. The area is very large, but is filled with so many different activities, so it is imperative to know where to go. Also be sure to download the Coachella app on your smartphone, it has a make your own schedule section and maps to make your day smooth and keeps you in time for every show.

8. Positive Attitude

As stated before, there are so many different events and activities happening in the festival. The greatest preparation that can be made is to have a open, positive mind. With so many different types of food, music, and people, a open mind and willingness to try the unknown can really make the entire experience even better than imagined.