The Annual Camp Flog Gnaw

Camp Flog Gnaw’s fourth annual music festival was located at the Coliseum in Los Angeles on Nov. 14, hosted by Tyler the Creater.

Music from all types of artist were gathered for one night, from A$AP Rocky, Jhene Aiko, Snoop Dogg and tha Dogg Pound, Mac Miller, The Internet, Atmosphere, YG and other great artist.

Entering the festival you start hear the crowd getting louder with every step by the artist that was performing hyping up the crowd.

The main stage performance started off with Willow Smith and her brother Jaiden. Before The Internet performed they had a hot dog eating contest and the winner received about $1,000 and two free tickets to next years concert.

YG got the growd feeling a wave of energy, everyone rushing to get through to the front. With the people in the front rushing out because they would be too crowded and hot. YG performed his hit song and also some familiar songs like”Toot it and Boot It”, “Who do you love?”, “Bicken Back Being Bool” and a few more songs. YG had a special guest Ty Dolla $ign, performing one of his hits from his new album “Free TC”.

Once YG left the stage everyone was waiting in anticipation for Mac Miller who was the next on the list of performances. Mac Miller hyped the crowd by jumping up and down and also starting many mosh pits through the crowd. This was a start of many innocent people getting stomped on and also hurt while the mosh pit went on, which was quite a while. Mac Miller performed the song from his latest album “GO:OD AM”.

Atmosphere had a special guest as well, which was the rapper Murs. Atmosphere just came out singing classic songs like “F**k You Lucy”, “Sunshine”, “God Loves Ugly”, “Kanye”, “Yesterday”, and some other fan favorites. During his performance Atmosphere made the whole crowd hold hands with the person next to them without looking at each other’s faces until afterwards to show a sense of unity.

At the Flog Stage, Jhene Aiko was getting ready to perform to many fans which were mostly girls and were waiting for her during her performance. She brought out Big Sean to perform the duet “I Know”, during her performance she also brought out Omarion to the stage just to sing a couple versus from the single “Post to be”.

A$AP Rocky was the wildest performer of the night, minutes before his performance the crowd was yelling his name and inpatiently waiting for his performance. During his performance he did a song/tribute for his closest friend A$AP Yams. During his performance he performed “Hella Hoes”, “LSD”, “Electric Body”, “M’s”, “Excuse Me”, “Goldie” and a few other songs that were defiantly favorites of the crowd. Also during his performance he brought out French Montana, the whole A$AP Mob, Wolf Gang and also P.Diddy. Each artist had time to perform at least one or two songs from their newest music or an older song.

About the last five minutes of his performance the biggest mosh pit of all stages was getting ready to take place, but before that happened A$AP played some Nirvana and also House Of Pain just to get the hype of hype for the mosh pit to get it going. During the mosh pit happened A$AP made a quick announcement saying he did not want anyone getting all touchy with him if he joined he mosh pit and so it was Mr. Rocky himself and also Tyler The Creater and his friends joined along with his fans in the mosh pits.

After A$AP’s performance many people left the Coliseum and some went on to see the legendary Mr Snoop D.O.G.G, performing nothing but classic songs like “Drop It Like its Hot”, “Still Dre” and of course  the “Next Episode.”

Camp Flog Gnaw is an experience for everyone you don’t necessarily need to go with friends because at the end you end up losing them and if you lose them, you eventually make new friends with the people around trying to listen to the same music and vibe with the crowd although some might get a little rowdy at some points.

Hope to see you at next years Camp Flog Gnaw.