OHM Nightclub

Written by Destiny Lopez, Staff Writer

On the night of Halloween, Club OHM was open and they had offered a spooky night full of music and dancing. Some people may know this club by its old name, The Highlands.

For those that have never heard about this particular nightclub, it is for ages 18 and up. The club also goes by Club DV8 and is located in the Hollywood and Highland Mall on 6801 Hollywood Blvd suite #433, which is on the fourth floor, Los Angeles, 90028.

If you are interested in going to OHM, my advice is to get there early and pre-purchase a ticket online. They don’t start letting anyone into the club in till 10pm.

This is the main reason I advise you to get that ticket ahead of time because you don’t have very much time to dance when your waiting in line for an hour and a half. Since the club does close at 2am you want to take advantage of every minuet.

Once inside you will be sure to have a great time with the music blasting and the light shows throughout the club and the fun people you are bound to meet.

The one tip I give is to be aware of the security. The security had given me a hard time for making room in the line to get in for two of my friends and tried to move us all to the back of the line. When I asked where the line for anyone on the pre ticket purchase list, the security basically told me he had never seen that nor heard of that before.

So just be sure of your surroundings and get in to the line with your friends at the same time. Another thing, if you’re under 21, don’t expect to get away with sneaking a drink after being carded, if you are a minor security will mark both of yours hands with a big black X.

As far as the interior goes, it is decorated very modern as well as, kept clean. There are several dance floors and a handful of surfaces to dance on (If you are into that sort of fun). There is a lounge area for when you want to take a rest from dancing and converse with new friends without having to yell into their ear. There is also an outside patio for anyone looking to get some fresh air and take a break from the loud music.

Music in OHM was everything I wanted, the DJ’s spun pop and house and had me dancing all night. With the exception of a handful of Spanish songs, which I didn’t really care for but many were still enjoying dancing to the music.

The host of the night was Chuy Martinez from KIIS FM. A fun thing that he would do was he was continuously spray the crowd with foam, water and confetti throughout the night.

The staff inside the club was very nice and many people said the service they received was really good. The only thing is that the drinks were just a little over priced. In my opinion, what do you expect? It’s Hollywood food and drink prices are over priced.

I am looking forward to going back very soon and I hope to see you there. If you have any questions or need information feel free to contact (323)337-1315or ohmnightclubla.com.