Licorice root tea and its benefits

Written by Christopher Ly, Staff Writer

Every time I think about licorice I think about those licorice flavored candies that I get during Halloween and I hate them.

It’s because they have this really nasty medicinal taste to them. I don’t understand why people enjoy them. When I recently had canker sores, I hated it.

My canker sores (white ulcers in the mouth) caused much distress to me whenever I went about enjoying food, or brushing my teeth at the end only to see blood on my tooth brush.

After a while I finally decided to look into natural remedies to get rid of my canker sores or at least soothe them in an effort for them to heal faster, and that’s when I stumbled upon licorice root tea in my research.

At first I was grossed out at the thought of drinking licorice root tea because of my not so fond memories of eating the candied fake versions of it.

However, I thought to myself, “Why not, it can’t be that bad and I’d rather take the plunge than feel the awful pain of having a nasty ulcer in my mouth taking up space without paying rent. What a jerk.”

After doing some quick research into buying the licorice root tea, I found out that you should buy legitimate licorice root tea with licorice root tea extract without it saying artificially licorice flavored.

The reason behind this is because you want to buy a product with the real stuff in it instead of artificial flavors that are created to taste like product, or else you won’t reap the benefits that you sought out.

So when I finally bought and retrieved my licorice tea blend through the internet, I decided to try it out.

I first boiled some water, then placed my licorice tea bag into a cup following the written directions.

Afterwards, I poured the boiling water over my tea and gave the tea bag time to steep long enough for it to dissolve the tea into the water.

I then went for the plunge and drank it, and to my amazement it was much better than I had previously thought.

The tea was actually delicious and didn’t need any sweeteners at all. I highly recommend the Yogi tea brand.

After drinking this tea, I felt so nice and cozy inside with a bit of a relaxing effect on my body after drinking just sips of this wonderful licorice concoction that I thought I was going to hate.

Did it actually work with helping me with my canker sores?

It did and it took just some swishing of the tea in my mouth for about a minute.

If your canker sores are not grounded in your mouth, you should swish it because the tea won’t reach that part of your mouth unless you submerge it in licorice tea.

It took about a good week before the canker sores weren’t noticeable to me, and it went away faster than usual with less mouth pain then is usually associated with the sores.

After that experience that I had, I decided to further look into licorice tea just for fun.

Reading the article posted on, there were great health benefits from the tea besides helping me with my mouth ulcer.

The tea is actually well known for its ability to boost your immune system by elevating your levels of interferon which is an immune system chemical that fights off attacking viruses, which might’ve explained why it helped my canker sores.

Finally, the relaxing feeling that I got from the tea was from its ability to reduce stress by taking action on the adrenal glands in your body.

This explained why I felt so great after finishing the tea and craving more because of the relaxing effect that it had on me.

Personally, I recommend that you look into licorice root tea, especially if you’re a fellow college student that has to deal with a lot of stress inducing work or just a person burdened by stress in general.