Halloween DIY Decorations Under $20

Written by Maria Martinez, Staff Writer

DIY decorations
Maria Martinez
DIY decorations.

It’s that time of year again. Yes, Halloween! It is time to decorate our homes with spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, and other spooky decorations.

For students who are in the spirit of decorating their homes, but are trying to keep a budget of spending less than $20, here are a few things you can do to make your home spooky and get you into the spirit of Halloween.

  • DIY glowing eyes: Using your toilet paper rolls from home, outline the shape of the eyes and cut two circles out of the toilet paper rolls and then tape or glue the glow sticks on the inside of the roll behind the holes. You now have a way to scare the trick-or-treaters. You can tape the rolls to the walls along your house or hang them in your yard or porch.
  • At your local 99 cent store, you can purchase spider webs and spiders and simply add them to your furniture to scare your family at home. The best part is that you’re only spending $1 at the most per item. With the spider webs, a little goes a long way.
  • To make things scarier, take a white candle and a red candle and simply let the red candle wax drip onto the white one and this will instantly turn a white candle into a bloody candle.
Homemade candle for Halloween.
Maria Martinez
Homemade candle for Halloween.
  • DIY eyeball lights are a few dollars for several frights. This is an easy way to decorate your room and make it scary. All you need are Christmas lights, ping pong balls and a Sharpie which you can purchase at your local 99 cent store. Use hot glue to adhere the ping pong balls to the lights. Draw on some pupils along with some red eye veins and you’ll get eyeball lights. Once Halloween is over they are easy to remove and you can use them for Christmas.
  • A pumpkin candy bowl is a great way to store candy and decorate your home. Your trick-or-treaters will love to see it on Halloween when you pass out candy. You will need a pumpkin, a knife, a plastic bowl, and candy. Start off by cutting off the top of the pumpkin and once that is off, scoop out the seeds, place the plastic bowl inside of the pumpkin and pour in the candy. These are just a few DIY’s you can make at home from items you already have. They’re quick, easy, and fun.