Eat at Joe’s

When it comes to sushi, you either get quality or quantity. All you can eat (AYCE) sushi typically delivers vast quantities of middle of the road Japanese fare at a price that’s easy on the wallet. A trip to a high quality sushi restaurant requires a student loan. Whoever thinks that this is always the case has never been to Joe’s Sushi. AYCE and so fresh it could have been swimming just five minutes ago, Joes is a contradiction to all that we have come to expect from reasonably priced sushi. The same goes for its location. When you think of really good sushi, you think of foodie destinations like Silverlake, Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills. Joe’s is in La Habra. You heard that right, La Habra.
Joe’s is not a buffet in the traditional sense. You don’t get up and serve yourself, you submit an order through your waiter and your sushi is brought to your table. The service is fast and relatively friendly. They get pretty busy, so don’t expect the wait-staff to be overly chatty. The ordering card has entries for three waves of food, but they say you can order more. Keep in mind that you can cram as many items into each wave as you can finish. Those who have eaten here before will caution the newbie to pace themselves, as your eyes can sometimes be bigger than your stomach. Nothing is more frustrating than eating too fast and making yourself “artificially full”. If you eat more slowly you will find that you can eat more. I’m not a doctor and have no idea regarding the science behind that last statement. I am, however, a guy who eats a lot and have come to this conclusion through experience. Trust me now and ask questions later, you can easily enter a food coma at Joe’s. I have only made it to the third order once, and I had to rest in my booth for almost an hour before I could get up. Quantity: check.
It’s time to talk quality. I have eaten at some of the best sushi restaurants in existence today. These establishments have also been very pricey. Dinner for two has reached upwards of four bills. I have paid even more when dining in Japan. Joe’s can go toe to toe with any of these places. Sure, Joe’s won’t have some of the more exotic fare, but who wants their face to go numb from trace amounts of fugu toxin? Yes, that’s a thing. Joe’s is the meat and potatoes of sushi. They carry all of your raw fish essentials. Spicy scallop: check. Roasted eel: check. Fatty tuna: check. Yellowtail: check. The list goes on. You say you like rolls? Joe’s rolls out (pun very intended) no fewer than ten varieties, hand rolls not included. Be sure to try the Spider roll. This concoction is made using deep fried soft-shell crab. Also not to be missed is their Salmon sushi. There is an almost buttery quality to this, and it’s served on a tiny dollop of real sushi rice.
This is where Joe’s really stands out. With the exception of the finer purveyors of sushi, most sushi restos will use regular white rice, and a whole lot of it. Joe’s uses authentic sushi rice and the fish is bigger than the rice. This is how it is supposed to be. Other sushi joints want to fill you up on rice, Joe’s has more respect for your stomach than that.
The only downside is the ambiance. Don’t get me wrong, Joe’s is fine when out with friends, family, co-workers, etc. But there are times you want to feel fancy. Joes is not a fancy place, but I guess that’s another reason people like it so much. I need to tone down the snob in me and just enjoy the sushi. It’s time to order another wave. Did I mention they also sport a full bar?
Joe’s Sushi is located at 600 North Beach Blvd. in the city of La Habra. They serve both lunch and dinner. AYCE dinner price is $23.95, drinks are not included. Check them out at