Long Beach Comic Expo showcases up and coming artists plus more

For those who love awesome storytelling, for writers, artists, geeks, and comic book fans of all sorts, the Long Beach Comic Expo was the place to be from May 31-June 1 earlier this year. Held at the Long Beach Convention Center, this Comic Expo is exceptionally interesting because of the heavy focus on up and coming stories, projects and art on the cutting edge of the Comic Book universe. Although all of the major staples of the culture were on display, everything from Resident Evil to Doctor Who, Jurassic Park to Attack on Titan, and a noticeable presence of steampunk awesomeness, but the truly fascinating experience and what makes the Long Beach Comic Expo special is seeing the up and coming underground of those who are shaping the future of Comic Books.

Dozens of seminars were held during the event, with appearances by well-known creative minds including Barbara Randall Kesel, Todd Nauck, Tone Rodriguez, Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie, Tim Bradstreet and more! Attendees are able to learn all types of skills and assets from the very people at the forefront of the culture. The seminars included lessons such as how to cure writer’s block, lettering, inking, how to start their own podcasts, and even how to draw their favorite Simpsons and Futurama characters. The more enlightening and serious seminars focused on things such as how to become published in the world of science fiction, as well as how to get into the world of comics and animation in general, and more importantly how to stay in the scene! Other miscellaneous seminars ensured that there was something for everyone to attend, from live readings of children’s book’s to live drawing demonstrations.

A standout discussion held at the convention was a program titled Cosplay does not consent, and it focused on addressing the art of creating and wearing costumes based on any character for any multitude of reasons. Since the art of cosplay has been steadily growing more popular, cosplayers from all different walks were present to discuss their own interpretations and inspirations, as well as the challenges and stereotypes faced when sometimes the public sometimes just doesn’t get it.

There’s nothing quite like a Comic Book Convention in SoCal, mostly due to the ever so surreal presence of Cosplayers, since there are more and more every year. For those who haven’t quite experienced the spectacle, it can be quite a shock to see a whole crew of Jokers walking down the street handling toy machine guns and other scary-looking but harmless styrofoam weaponry, or to turn around and see your favorite video game or movie character from Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, or even something like a Deadpool gang or a Robot Chicken walking around. For a fan of any type of worthwhile story, its something that has to be experienced as an observer, who can hopefully be inspired to one day make their own costume!

Many a young artists were present, attendees have the chance to talk to upcoming comic book creator/writer/artist such as Tony Donley, as he talked about his new project Albert Einstein: Time Mason, a wonderfully drawn thriller that features “Albert Einstein as a time-traveling, Indiana Jones kind of ladies man”, packed with plenty of smart humor, Donley even joked about how his first fans noticed his Einstein looks a bit like Tom Selleck, which only heightened the appeal of his already attractive new storyline, featuring stellar cover work by Dave Johnson. Donleys work can be found at Tinydonkey.com

Another brilliant comic book series being launched was Boston Metaphysical Society by Madeleine Holly-Rosing, pitched as a supernatural X-files-esque western, and featuring a truly standout steampunk art-style by the talents of Emily Hu.

For fans of all things awesome, Long Beach is the place to be, the next Long Beach Comic Expo will be held on September 27 & 28, and if that’s too soon, you can save the date for next years 2015: LBCE taking place Feb. 28-March1, as well as the Long Beach Comic Con, which will happen Sep. 12-13.