Uptown Whittier has tons to offer with its Farmer’s Market

This past Friday I went to check out the Uptown Whittier’s Farmer’s Market and I was impressed. I’m a huge fan of local businesses and I do enjoy going to different Farmer’s Markets. Since I have recently moved to Whittier, I wanted to try it out.

Every Friday, Uptown Whittier holds a Farmer’s Market on Bright Ave. While I was there I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Many of the vendors offered samples of their products and there was a large selection of items to choose from.

From fresh organic fruit to homemade herbal teas, there were beautiful fresh flower arrangements at one booth then at the next there was homemade kettle corn.

They also have stands where people can purchase “ready to go” food such as fish tacos and tamales.

I purchased cherries, almonds, dried cranberries, and tried some samples of the organic tea that one vendor was offering.

They were all great and the owners were willing to provide answers to any questions. One thing that I noticed while walking around was the live music playing throughout the market. It was very entertaining and relaxing.

The location isn’t too big but it is a nice size. While Uptown Whittier is known for its Whittier Cinemas and its variety of different boutiques and sit down restaurants, Uptown Whittier’s Farmer’s Market leaves attendees with not only fresh fruit and vegetables, but a smile on their face.