Top 5 healthy snacks for the on the go student



The intake that your body requires in regards to fruit and vegetables depends on your age, gender and the amount of physical activity you do per day. If you are interested and want to take a proactive step towards better dieting, visit the website for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a calculator will be provided for you to calculate your own needs properly.

Meal preps

Not only are meal preps great for maintaining better eating habits, but they are also an effective way to limiting costs. Allow yourself roughly two hours to prep the amount of meals you desire for the upcoming week. Making sure that the meals have a balance of carbs, fruits/vegetables and protein.


Nuts provide an excellent snack whether you are attending class or taking a break. Different nuts provide different benefits so pay close attention when choosing your snack. Make sure that the nuts are raw or dry-roasted. Stay clear of any nuts that have been cooked in oil or have any type of flavoring. Certain nuts, as for example Almonds, not only provide as a healthy snack, but they also offer a sense of fullness due to their high protein and fiber content.


Rice cakes

Rice cakes are inexpensive, easily transportable and provide as a great on the go snack when you are in a rush. They are enriched with a healthy amount of fiber, carbohydrates (which promotes energy) and are also low in calories. Studies have even reported that the serotonin in rice cakes has the ability to regulate your mood, which entails a happier you!