Restaurant Review: Thai Specialty 2

During a date night with my hubby, I wanted to eat in a nice hole-in-the-wall restaurant to eliminate having to wait in a long line.

I researched “Thai”restaurants close to the Puente Hills theater and found “Thai Specialty 2”in Hacienda Heights. It was such an amazing experience! The prices are great and the service was really good!

We first ordered silver noodle egg rolls. Actually, my husband did because at first the name sounded too weird for me to crave! When they brought out the egg rolls, it was nicely decorated with a radish that was carved out to look like  a rose and was placed next to the parsley.

If the name “silver noodles” scared me… it all went away when I saw how beautiful the appetizer looked.

I order yellow curry chicken with a side of white rice for my entree and my husband did’t have much of an appetite, so he just ordered a soup. When our order came out, it was nice to see that they made the white rice form a heart on the plate. I don’t know why, but it made the date-night have more of a romantic feel (I bet this sounds silly… but it’s true!).

I forgot to mention, they sat us at a two seater table by the window… how romantic!!!

The bill over all was not that bad but could be considered high for what we ordered. We ended up paying about $30. I just feel that the presentation is what sold me. But, I have no concept of saving money (my husband has that type of mentality), to to me it was worth it!

The location is a bit strange as it’s in a shopping center, next to a super market and tea cafe. But, once you are on the inside, I think it’s all worth it.

Eat there if you want a line-free romantic date night! This place gets an A+ from me!