Fraud calls: Protect yourself from scams

In America, and all over the United States, people have been getting fraud calls.

It usually begins with a company calling you.  They give you a name of their company through a voicemail and when you call them back, they will answer and give you another name of the company.  They will threaten you with legal documentation saying that you either owe money, or you’re being sued for some type of situation.

They will keep stalking you, your friends and family.  If you have had loans from the internet or payday loans this is where these fraudulent people get their information.  When signing the documentation on the payday loans one of the agreements is them sharing your information with other payday loan companies.

The action that needs to be taken is you looking at your credit report to make sure there is nothing on it.  If they keep calling do not give them any information of your own, this usually what they want.  If you give them any information this will give them a chance to steal your identity.

Most of these companies just want money.  When getting a call like this just keep calm and ask questions.  When the questions are asked they are most likely to hang up or be rude.  This is when you are sure that these frauds are not real.  Keep checking your credit reports and make sure you are safe and not giving away information to anybody.