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On The Set: Seeing Conan O’Brien Live

For those who may not know, Conan O’Brien is a late night talk show host most recently known for his own show Conan. He is also known for his involvement in working with Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and Late Night.

Upon arriving to the designated meeting spot two hours prior to the time, my friends and I got reserved front row seats as group number eight. The associates handed out holding cards which allowed us to roam the city of Burbank to kill time instead of waiting in the dark parking lot.

Upon arriving at the meeting time we were all lined up in single file line and escorted to the studio to wait a little while as the studio was being prepped for us to arrive. It’s important to note here that audiences will wait a long while so be prepared to stand for a while.

The studio is big and vibrant with the interior design and the ceiling full of strategically placed lights. The room temperature was cooled plateauing at 66-degrees Fahrenheit which was very fitting with the sets atmosphere. It was astounding to see the set in person as you can see the overall depth and the size.

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Prior to the show is a comedian who gets the audiences roused up for the show and tells a couple of jokes to get the crowd prepared for the show. Although the schedule to shoot was at 5:00 p.m. the show is edited and formatted for television broadcasting at 11:00p.m.

The Basic Cable Band then came out and started playing the theme song and played loud and proud filling the room with the classic blues and jazzy riffs. The audience sang along and clapped to the uplifting beat.

What shocked me the most was how tall Conan O’Brien was in person; he was around six feet four inches. The crowd and I were clapping and applauding for him as he made his monologue on current events and Valentine’s Day. O’Brien’s monologues were absolutely hilarious yet witty at the same time!

It’s interesting to see how the cast and crew members handle the shooting when on break as you can see Conan O’Brien interacting off screen with the guests, Ray Romano and Tom Felton. Comedian Fortune Feimstern was hilarious rousing the audiences in loud laughter.

Overall the show in itself was hilarious and entertaining. Seeing guest celebrities Ray Romano and Tom Felton was amusing in itself. The only downside was not being able to take pictures throughout the entire process show and waiting a long time in line.

You can request tickets to see the show and be part of the audience on           


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