Burger City Grill

Tired of the usual fast food place? Well look no further! Burger City Grill is a burger place that has opened in Downey, not too far from the Rio Hondo campus.

Their menu includes fresh hand-made burgers, hand-cut potatoes, hand-scooped shakes, freestyle drinks that includes over a hundred drinks that customers can choose by the touch of a finger, craft beers and a kids menu that includes burgers and fries.

The hand-made burgers usually include lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.  More burgers are on the menu and include extra ingredients.  The fry’s range from chili cheese fries to the BCG fries that come with chili, cheese, bacon and ranch dressing.

Having been a customer at this place, the food is amazingly good.  Your mouth will water before you bite into the burger.

Besides the tasty original burger, they have sides that you can add to your burger if you do not want the specialty burgers.

For healthy people they wrap the lettuce around the burger, so that the carbs are cut out of your diet.

Overall, the rating I would give this place is 4 out of 5 stars.  If you try the burger city grill, your decision will not be regretted.  Give it a try today!