7 Cost Efficient Entertainment Ideas for the Broke College Student

As spring semester begins, you begin to notice a sudden vast abyss creeping inside of your wallet. Every college student can relate to that universal sigh after all of the tuition, books, parking, and miscellaneous costs are taken care of. Just because school has made you break the bank doesn’t mean it should break your social life as well. Here are seven examples of low budget entertainment ideas for you to try when you’re in need of a desperate break from your studies.

1. Check out a local low cost movie theater in your area. For example, in La Mirada they have their residential famous Movies 7 that houses movie tickets for a buck on Tuesdays and two dollar films during the remainder of the week! Granted these movies are in between leaving the theater and being released. This way when studies become a priority and new releases happened to be missed it doesn’t have to be an issue AND it’s super cheap!

2. Uptown, Whittier, CA, holds weekly outside fairs every Wednesday and Friday to anyone who is interested. Have some fun with your friends in the sun while enjoying freshly grown produce, pastries, dining, and merchandise all produced by local residents.

3. If you’re looking for something that’s more relaxing and allows you to stay in the comforts of your own home then check out Netflix or Hulu. Both monthly subscriptions are under ten bucks with a promise of hundreds of hours of entertainment.

4. Go on an adventure through the hills and up into outer space on one of our own Rio Hondo’s observatory nights. This out of the world experience will open your eyes to some of the most beautiful images that the universe has to offer.

5. If your curiosity is still not fully satisfied look into some government funded museums in Los Angeles County. With proof of a student ID your ticket could be discounted or even free.

6. Get in tune with your creative side. Pinterest has more than enough DIY ideas from desserts to home décor. It’s also great practice to come up with ideas for cost efficient gifts for the future.

7. Last, but not least, host a game night for you and your other striving college friends. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about them on a personal level and to be able to take advantage of your full college experience!