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Get Rid of Your Junk with the Listia app

Have you ever looked around the house and wondered, “How did I stack up this much stuff?”

Well, now there is a way to eliminate the unused things around the house for free and trade up for something more worthwhile. offers a new way to safely and efficiently give away items no longer used. The site and mobile app works like EBay and Craig’s List put together.

A Listia user, or “Listian”, posts up any item (clothes, electronics, collectibles etc.) of their choosing for other “Listians” to bid on with “Listia Credits”.

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When posting an item, the lister describes and uploads photos of the item, chooses the starting bid (0-5,000 credits), and how long the auction will run (from three to ten days).

The lister also chooses one out of three ways the item will be shipped: free shipping (the lister pays for shipping), the winner pays for exact shipping, or the winner pays a flat rate.

At the end of every auction, the winner’s credits are transferred to the lister when the lister provides proof that the item has been shipped i.e. the tracking number.

There are numerous ways to receive credits; a user can get credits from an auction, participate in surveys and special offers, as well as buy credits.

Once a Listian acquires enough credits, they can either spend the credits bidding in auctions, or use the credits in the “Listia Rewards Store”.

The rewards store possesses a range of brand new items such as hair straighteners, designer clothes, brand name electronics, sporting goods, and so on. mediates every auction and exchange to optimize the safety of their users and is completely free to use.

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