Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays to spend time with your family and friends and have a nice dinner. As you write down the long list of things to buy, you start wondering, where do you buy these items to prepare a fantastic feast?

You can shop at local stores like Food 4 Less, Stater Bros., Ralph’s, Trader Joe’s, Fresh and Easy and El Gigante. Always look at ads you find in your local newspapers, your mail and online. Be a smart shopper, look for deals! Also, Keep in mind that Wal Mart and Target have a produce section. Shop now and avoid the long lines!

Items that are essential to buy for Thanksgiving include stuffing, turkey, potatoes, ham (not cold cut), salad, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, rolls, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables, including corn, carrots, peas, green beans, spinach, and brussels sprouts.

Besides the jolly feasts, and the irresistible Black Friday deals, lets keep in mind that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for everything we have. As you celebrate Thanksgiving this Nov. 28, keep in mind that nothing beats spending quality time with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!