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Student Spotlight: Nicole Valentine Moore

Being a student isn’t always easy. As students we are challenged with many obstacles that can affect our everyday lives. Whether it’s financial problems, difficulty regurgitating the information being taught, or personal problems. Let’s face it; the college life can be very difficult at times.

Most non-students rarely believe that the college life is hard. Most are blocked by an invisible wall that only allows them to see what the media has to offer them from a one point perspective. We hear about wild parties, drunk nights, and rushing through essays the night before they are due. Rarely do we hear about students and the real struggles they go through.

For the student spotlight I’m interviewing a student here at Rio Hondo. This student is not like any other student. She is energetic, passionate, and very kind hearted.

This student spotlight will shine its lights on Nicole Valentine Moore.

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Nicole, a very talented 20-year-old, was born in 1993 in the city of Fullerton, California. Some of her hobbies include hanging out with her boyfriend, hanging out with her friends, and swimming.

This dashing gal is majoring in Child development and was in theatre a few semesters ago.

While interviewing her for our online Monday Question segment, I was enchanted by her positive energy and her kindness and as a result I ended up asking her if she would be our student spotlight. She agreed, and we went to the library to interview.

She told us about her two siblings ages eight and twelve, and told us about graduating from Rowland High School. Like most students High School was challenging, and as she mentioned her junior year it reminded me of mine and how hard it was for me to stay positive. Now as an adult, I can see that hanging around with people like Nicole would have been a better alternative as oppose to hanging out with the wrong crowd like I did.

Nicole mentioned not “letting anyone bring her down,” which was inspiring considering most teenagers unfortunately have a very low self-esteem while growing up, including myself.

Lastly, we closed the interview by asking her if she would like to give advice to other students on how she felt. She said yes, and asked people to “Please stop being judgmental.”

She is absolutely right. If people would open their hearts and minds this world would be a better place.

Thank you, Nicole. You definitely deserve to be in the spotlight.



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