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Three Words: Bill freakin’ Murray

William James “Bill” Murray celebrated his 63rd birthday on this last Saturday, September 21st. Bill is arguably the most iconic comedic actor that the U.S. has to offer the world.

He got his start in improv comedy during the early 70’s and was—for lack of a better word—‘discovered’ by John Belushi.

He joined Saturday Night Live in ’77 and left in 1980, making the seemingly effortless transition to a film actor. The man was a Ghostbuster, pro-bowler Ernie “Big Ern” McCracken, Hunter S. Thompson, Garfield.

He took on a gopher infestation of epic proportions, he was Lost in Translation, he saved Michael Jordan in Space Jam, and even turned down the role of Tim Burton’s Batman!  He’s starred in five of Wes Anderson’s films, and has some of the most celebrated cameos under his belt.

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Murray quickly became the kind of guy that people want to grab a beer and hang out with, and he brings that energy to each of his roles; no matter who he plays, he’s always Bill Murray.

Although that may be looked at as a negative trait in other actors—“playing themselves” that is—Bill is simply just too cool to be anybody else.  He doesn’t even have a publicist or manager.

Over the years, there have been dozens of urban legends and stories following him. Like how he’ll walk up behind people, cover their eyes, say “guess who”, and when the person turns around and sees Bill Murray in the flesh he simply says “nobody will ever believe you” and casually walks away. Another one goes something like,

Bill walks into liquor stores, chugs some milk straight from the carton, and tells the clerk “nobody will ever believe you” and walks out.

He’s been said to join-in on karaoke parties with strangers and show up to random college parties, even sticking around to help clean up.

The best Murray story—and a true one— is the time he showed up to a bar in Austin, Texas with the members of Wu Tang; he insisted on being bartender and no matter what anyone ordered, he only

served them shots of tequila.

He’s evolved from being just another great comedic actor; he’s become an icon because of his roles in films, but mostly because he’s such a loveable and interesting character in real life.

If you haven’t enjoyed

one of his movies, you might

just need to reassess your life and figure out what you and everybody around you did wrong. Happy sixty-third birthday to the man, the legend, the cool a** dude that is: Mr. Bill Murray.


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