Malibu’s Howy’s Taqueria offers great Mexican cuisine

Located in downtown Malibu, Howdy’s Taqueria features stellar Mexican food. It is great places to dine with friends and family, or to just sit and enjoy a relaxing meal. It is definitely worth trying out, and Mexican food fans will love it.
One of the most popular dishes was Shrimp Tostada. Topped with several big and fresh shrimps, the bowl-shaped fried tortilla was full of different ingredients. Chopped tomato, cream, black beans, mash avocado mixed with different spices and sliced onion lied beautifully underneath the shrimps. On the bottom, there was rice and cheese. It looked appetizing, and tasted even better. Having all these fresh and delicious ingredients together, it felt like the food was dancing in the mouth. I really enjoyed it and would definitely order it again next time.
The classic burritos they served were also amazing. They came in with different type of meat, such as chicken, steak, or carnitas. I tried the chicken one and it was so good. Wrapped in soft tortilla, inside there was chicken chunks, chipped tomato, sliced onion, beans and cheese. The roasted chicken chunks were so tasty and delectable. Also there were special sauces to try out, so customers can all find their own favorites.
The atmosphere of the restaurant was great too. You can choose to sit outdoors and enjoy the breezy view with amazing food.
Also, the waiters were really nice and always there if you have any prompt needs.
After enjoying the food, it’s delightful to have a little walk around this place. A few shops were around, and in the park-like setting many people were chatting and walking their dogs. Across from the street, it’s the beautiful beach. There were people surfing, swimming, or just lying on the beach enjoying seaside breezes.
Check out Howdy’s Taqueria if you are going to Malibu! Its address is 3835 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA. It is really an incredible restaurant and you should definitely explore their menu.