Raging Waters, San Dimas offers summer thrills

Summer is the number one opportunity for adolescents to explore and create adventures while not in school.
Sometimes, it can be a little too hot to go out and have a blast under the sun. Why not take a day off and stay cool?
Raging Waters in San Dimas is open all summer for guests with a plethora of rides, slides, and water attractions to beat the heat.
High Extreme is my personal favorite. It was about ten stories high and was the largest two-person raft ride in the nation. With a giant view of a drop from the top, it was pretty scary and made my heart race. The slide featured multiple white slides twisting and turning around, and several slides looked like the riders would lift off. But indeed it was extremely fun! The ride was actually not that bad. Lying on a toboggan-like raft, it let you slide down the slides smoothly and fluently. Of course nobody would get thrown out at the turns, and in the blink of an eye you are already floating on your raft down the bottom. The only bad thing about this ride is the line is always too long. Since the slides can only let two people slide down at a time, it usually takes forty minutes or longer to take the ride. It’s better to go with friends and chat while waiting together.
Wave Cove was another attraction that impressed me. After going through all the long lines, just grab an inner tube and relax yourself in the pool. In a beach-like setting, high-powered fans regenerate on 12-minute cycles to produce three-foot waves in this million-gallon wave pool. Just lie comfortably and let the waves push you up and down. Although sometimes you might crush to people besides you and the whole inner tube will tip over, but the pool full of laughter and similes will just get you back on it again and keep moving with the flows.
After trying out different rides, guests can bask lazily in the sun on the sandy beach, or get a little cabana and have some delicious food.
Come and refresh yourself in a hot summer day with family and friends. Whether mild, wild, or in-between, all ages can find their favorites and have a good time at Raging Waters, San Dimas.