Stay wary on Whittier trail

So as many college students like to stay fit and in shape, there are ways to keep it simple and not have to pay to attend a gym. Most families, college students, and just regular runners for track and field do occasionally run the trail that is located in the center of Palm Park. It’s a nice way for families to take a stroll with the kids and family dog or just to go out and get some exercise after a big dinner, and college students run, walk or bike ride as well, it is a great way to exercise and feel good for no price at all.

The only complaint some people have is that they are busy throughout the day and don’t have time to run in the morning or afternoon so they go at night and because daylight savings has officially ended there is no light leading the trail what so ever.

It is said to be very dangerous and pitch-black, there isn’t any light poles or reflectors anywhere to guide the way.  All of the surrounding trees and large bushes do cause a slightly scary affect while trying to run in the evening. There are small ways so that way this doesn’t affect exercise so much, maybe running with someone instead of alone and running with a flashlight or glow stick will indicate to approaching people where you are or just show a small light to lead where you are going so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

The trail has its ups and downs but is a great way to just take some time to be alone, you should take some precautions just to be safe.

In the case of women, they should maybe run with a partner or a dog just to keep safe and run with a self defense weapon such as mace or a walking stick.

Men also need be careful for anything that may be lurking at night; animals or muggers can approach them so while running take the proper precautions and have a safe running or bike riding experience no one said that making your hobbies had to be dangerous as long as you take all the right precautions.