Men’s fashion

Men have a lot of stylish new clothes coming out for the Fall season and can easily mix and match styles.
This season is more about sticking to your summer clothes and not having to deal with heavy clothing. This season you can mix and match your cargo shorts with a flanel shirt and a pair of sandals, the best outfit for a casual day. Something else you can wear for a casual day during this time of the year are basketball shorts with a long sleeve.
Another outfit for school you can wear for school, plus it fits for any occasion, would be kahkis and any plad shirt with bold colors such as brown black red and olive green but men can wear any color no matter the season. Any colored kahkis looks good during fall season because there colors are usually neuteral or dark.
This is a confusing time for us that live in Southern California because our weather especially during fall and winter is so complex, we never know what we should wear that day. We can check the weather during the morning and its sunny however in the middles of the day the clouds can quickly come in and pouring rain.
Fall season is a great way to creat your own style weather you want to dress warm or cool either way. The colors for fall can be all matching or mixing it up is even better whateverfits for you.
Fall is a great time to have fun with your wardrobe.