Top list of women’s Halloween costumes

Women live for this holiday for one reason, maybe two. The reasons are of course dressing up into cute, funny, scary or sexy costumes depending on their personality and candy.

Ever since childhood its has been a fun thing for a girl to play dress up and to act like a certain character that they see on T.V. or whoever they admire. That is why during this time of year a women’s inner child comes out.

The top five costumes to wear for this year are.

1. Selina Kyle or better known as “cat woman” from “Dark Knight Rises” is considered as more modern and sexy because the movie had came out during the summer and of course a black lather suit is sexy.

2. “Black Widow” from Avengers surprisingly is number two even though it was the number one action movie of the summer. The leather suit makes it sexy even though the color is navy blue instead of black.

3. “Crayola” is another cute costume for a girl to wear; the dress and a top hat are cute for Halloween and in any color not just black.

4. Animal costumes are common during Halloween but this year it seems as if they will be more common including any animal from a bird to a wolf. Women can show their wild side in these costumes.

5. The red “angry bird” could be worn by women this year to show off their funny side. “Angry Birds” is such a big thing right now in the gaming world and any guy that’s into that game will definitely find that costume attractive.