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Dating daily

Now that were in college, it’s the time for growing up and maturing for the better.

Getting a car, getting a job, having a daily routine and starting life, though sometimes we must admit that we forget to fit in the people we date.

Has there ever been and argument when all you do is fight about making time for one another? Such arguments may sound like the following. She complains, “Why do you spend so much time on other things like video games and your friends, but not me?” He whines, “you have all the time in the world to make plans for shopping or going out with co-workers or friends, but don’t’ ever make plans with me.”

To be honest, this should never be a problem because if a couple does truly care for one another they each  would find a way to be together, maybe move some things around, or just when you study for exams or anything private, bring your significant other with you. Now it is always hard to focus with them there but at least give them the satisfaction that you invited them with you, this shows an effort.

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Some tips on keeping the cool when it comes to fighting about time:

One way, is to go to their work when you know for a fact, they are on their lunch break, go surprise them. It’s a nice gesture and maybe even bring along their favorite desert with you just to show them you were thinking of them.

Second way, plan according to when you know you both have a short break in between classes, so you can meet up and have a small conversation about class or how’s the day’s been going so far. Or if they happen to attend a whole other school use the college’s Wi-Fi to possibly have a conversation through skype or facetime. Each of these small moments, can prove to the person you’re in a relationship with that your heart is still in the relationship and that person greatly matters to you.

Third way, for the ladies it is really easy to take the time to either go shoe shopping or to get a pedicure, but instead of hurting your wallet, you plan a day to take your guy out for lunch or maybe dinner. Change up the fact that he always pays or the fact he has to ask you out to dinner.

Also guys instead of playing video games with your buddies just choose your girlfriend over them for once and maybe decided to take your girl dancing, or out to a quiet movie, just something to show her that she is still special.

Never give up on someone worth appreciating; also never take anyone for granted because one day they might not always be waiting for you to make time for them when they feel someone else will. Lastly, when your significant other wants to pick a fight about how the skype or small study dates aren’t good enough, you need to assert that you’re doing your best to try to keep them happy and not to be acting selfish.

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