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All about propositions 30 and 32

As students there are things in politics worth looking up. As such the propositions behind the candidacy of our future presidents are just as important as voting for future laws that might be passed.

The propositions that involve students and taxes are propositions thirty and thirty-two.

Proposition 30 is promoted by Governor Jerry Brown and it is supporting the Millionaire Tax, which plans to help education, job training, community health and senior citizens’ programs.

The Millionaire Tax is a diverse alliance of thirty-two grassroots organizations from across the state. The Prop 30 vote will likely be close and our grassroots coalition is uniquely suited to reach and motivate voters others can’t. Clergy, teachers, students, immigrants, and union members representing over 60 organizations will help to deliver key groups of voters in support of fair taxes.

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Proposition 30 is a positive thing because it is the first step to investing in California’s families, our future.

Our families can’t succeed unless our schools have teachers, colleges are affordable, libraries stay open, and neighborhoods remain safe.

This initiative puts the state’s priority back on what matters: our future, our families, our neighborhoods. It will also bring fairness to tax codes by at least 90%. Also it begins to restore the billions in cuts that have been made to our schools, libraries, clinics and essential services. If this doesn’t pass, the state will automatically cut $5 billion in funds for families, schools, and businesses.

Another proposition that deals with our states finances is Proposition 32, it is a measure appearing on the November statewide ballot, that is not what it seems.

While it claims to be about “stopping special interests” the measure actually gives special exemptions to corporate special interests and Super PACs.

It would do nothing to fix what’s broken in Sacramento. Instead, Prop 32 would give even more power to the wealthy and well-connected so they could influence elections, control government and weaken our state’s middle class.

They say it will stop special interests, but what exactly does that mean? Those special interests consist of only helping the wealthy in their interests of politics. A measure finalized on Aug. 13by a County Superior Court Judge will prohibit unions from using payroll- deducted funds for political purposes. It applies the same use if any by corporations for government contractors.

In other words a Yes vote means, Unions and Corporations cannot use money from employees’ payroll check for political reasons, unions and government contractors remain subject to additional campaign finance restrictions.

A No vote means, there would be no change to existing laws regulation the ability of unions and corporations to use money deducted from and employee’s paycheck for political purposes. Unions and government contractions would continue to be subject to existing campaign finance laws.

So students choose wisely when voting on a Yes or No proposition ballot. Any small decision will affect the nation in the slightest way. It would affect financial aids for students, schools such as elementary schools, middle schools, and High schools.

Just read about it before you vote make every decision a wise one.

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