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Los Angeles County Fair

The LA County Fair has mustered up innovative ways to explore around the fairgrounds. Gondola riding, zip lining, bungee jumping, and bull riding domination; all backed by the lingering aroma of mountains of curly fries, half pound juicy burgers, and jumbo hot dogs.

The art section of the fair is a place of vulnerability for various artists.

They’re not only selling their artwork but also working on new pieces while their gallery is on display.

Full of friendly on lookers and inspiring wood, oil, and paint artists.

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Advice for anyone coming to the fair give yourself a budget before you come. There are numerous shopping centers with literally hundreds of vendors selling everything from jacuzzis, shamwows, clothing, and hand made artifacts that you wont find anywhere else.                        

The deals are great and the venders smooth talk you into giving into temptation, which plays a big part of any fair.

Deep fried, oversized, guilty pleasures on a stick line the walkways of the fair.

The geniuses expo or section celebrates the great inventors of all time. Spanning from Thomas Edison to more recent pioneers in technology like Steve Jobs.            

Not only do they celebrate major inventors but small time inventors, Super Soaker, white out, band-aid.

King Taco pays homage to children’s literature in their library for the kids of America. Accompanied by Spiderman, librarians, and special guest readers who read to audiences famous children book classics.

Crafts world is the place to go if you’re looking for peace of mind or a little bit of tranquility amidst the ruckus of the carnival and hectic fast paced shopping centers.

A row of endless white tents and people sitting on the grass with sexy sax man music being played by performers sets the mood.

The fair offers very family friendly and most relaxing part of my day.

Heritage Square takes you back in time to a more simple way of living.

The employees here are wearing Amish like outfits and talk in an old fashioned type of manner.

Really empty part of the fair and quiet like crafts world.

So take a day off and do take a trip to the fair and experience the amazing experience yourself.

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