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Our Year Elections

Most incoming freshmen are freshly eighteen; therefore the Presidential Election this November will be the freshman’s first.

Those who are registered will get the opportunity to vote for this coming year’s next president between Mitt Romney and our current president Barack Obama.

Some students are just thinking about classes and parking and work, but there are economic issues that need a little attention as well. Voting for a president isn’t like picking out a class or a new pair of shoes, we are deciding who will make very big decisions for us as the citizens of this country.

So saying you want to just vote for anyone with out knowing a little about them makes you appear to be a bit foolish. So here to help out a little is some information about our candidates.

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Miss Romney, age sixty-five, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan is married and has five sons, no daughters and eighteen grandchildren. While attending college he was majoring in business before politics, he graduated from Brigham Young University in 1970 and earned a degree in Harvard Law and Harvard Business.

As soon as Romney became senator of Massachusetts, he began slowly opening small businesses in Massachusetts and giving people back their jobs. Now as a candidate for president he plans to give more college students financial aid instead of only a selected few.

President Barack Obama has also been elected for a second term, and has gladly accepte. He has renewed some of his promises to America in his most recent Democratic National Convention acceptance speech. He would like to give money back to students to get better financial aid and has also said he will not accept foreign oil to supply our country.

He has helped America create an American made car so we don’t have to depend so much on other countries for our ways of transportation. He wants to help teachers and students by giving them room in class rooms to better education.

No matter the candidate, we as students have a job to vote and choose someone to make our economic decisions. Both candidates Romney and Obama have made many promises and neither of their decisions match up to whether or not they will follow through but as someone once said, you must choose the lesser of two evils. Both will promise money, a better economy, and more jobs for the jobless, home foreclosure to stop, a better education for those who need it.

Take the time to really know who you’re choosing to make all the decisions for the next four years to come. We are the people and we are the voice and the generation of our time. Vote wisely.

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