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Local Mexican Dining

When searching around the Monterey Park area, where the population is mostly Asian, it’s not only hard to find a Mexican restaurant, but it’s even harder to find an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Most restaurants now are more Americanized and don’t taste nothing alike grandmothers cooking back at home.

Armando’s restaurant located in the city of Monterey Park is one of the very few restaurants where you can eat a Mexican meal and feel like you are somewhere in Mexico.

Pricing of an entrée dish can average anywhere from as low as $6 to as much as $11 dollars a plate.

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Some of Armando’s best-selling dishes include their “Siete Mares” dish, which is a seafood plate, their “Costa Azul” plate which is another seafood dish that has bacon wrapped shrimp, and their most popular the “Molcajete Bowl.” The reason this is their most popular is probably due to the fact that it has a bit of everything in it. Sizzling right out of the kitchen every time you order it, the “Molcajete Bowl” includes grilled beef, chicken, cheese, cactus leaf, rice, and beans.

In addition, Armando’s serves beer, both foreign and domestic which you can enjoy with any of the delicious Mexican cuisine choices. On top of the great pricing that Armando’s has to offer, they also have Monday through Friday specials where they offer some plates cheaper than usual.

If you can’t make it during the week, Armando’s makes fresh handmade tortillas on the weekends and prices are just as low as they would be during the week.

Armando’s restaurant has been in business for 16 years and, due to their success, they opened another restaurant in the city of San Gabriel which has been just as successful and has been up and running for nine years.

While at Armando’s, you can expect to find multi-cultural diversity, friendly service, and leave with your stomach and wallet happy.

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