Casey’s Irish Pub

Looking for somewhere to go for St. Patrick’s Day?  Where shall one spend this night of adventure and hazy memories?  Whether future plans or a lousy sequence of past parties plague this amazing night which should be enjoyed with friends and fellow wasted peers, there is still hope for this year. Do not lose faith just yet.

Celebrations taking place all over L.A. County have become as bad as junk mail. Sorting through all the lame over-hyped events which always fall short of their expectations, have left fellow partiers and drunkards alike in an unquenched night. This has become quite a task leaving shattered hopes and what-if’s in their wakes.

Let’s make this year an exciting year. For those who are looking for a huge social outdoor scene with possibly a bit of adventure, check out Casey’s Irish Pub in downtown L.A. They are the host to one of the hugest outdoor events around.

How can one be sure this event is not just another overly stated illusion?  Well this pub, is one of the lowest costing, widest variety, and largest amounts of beer and liquor in town. A closed street for maximum occupancy or more mobility for your stumbling (whichever is preferred) is made available for this event. Multiple tribute bands fill that white noise, which keeps that dear buzz of ours faithfully strong throughout the night.

Why go anywhere else! This place clearly deserves a sign of interest. Anywhere else only means more driving or insanely high beer tabs.  Drinking on a budget is the same liquor as before with better venue selection.

Clubs can wait until spring break or any other weekend.  This weekend is about indulging yourself in loud obnoxioussing-alongs, stumbling to bathrooms, and fun, interesting, uninterrupted conversations one may encounter.  Do this year a favor and stop by Casey’s Irish Pub located in downtown L.A. at 613 South Grand Ave.