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The New York Knicks have their first winning season since 2013.

Knicks Back on Track

Justin Gomez May 11, 2021

Although the season is not over, this will be the Knicks first winning season since 2013. That 2013 roster consisted of Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Jason Kidd. These three were a big part of the Knicks success during that season. Anthony averaged 28 points per game and Smith averaged 18 points. Kidd...

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2020 Summer Olympics Ban Slogan “Black Lives Matter” in Tokyo

Mimi Castellanos May 10, 2021

With less than 80 days away, summer Olympics 2020 have pushed forward with their event. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the postponed Olympics are continuing their plan within the current pandemic. With the variety of social injustices around the world, Olympics will be banning any Black Lives Matter apparel. Problematic...

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Christian Pulisic holds the record for the most expenisve American transfer when he moved from German side Borrusia Dortmund to Chelsea

Christian Pulisic First American Goal Scorer in Champions League Semi-Finals

Fernando Ramos, Reporter May 6, 2021

Champions League Semi Final: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid This past week we had the first leg of the Uefa Champions League Semi Finals. We are going to highlight the game between Chelsea and Real Madrid, as Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic became the first American to score in the UCL semi finals.  Christians...

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With the Brooklyn Nets holding the number one seed in the east and with the players that they have, everyone is expecting a championship this year.

Nets Clinch Playoff Berth

Justin Gomez May 4, 2021

The Brooklyn Nets are the first team to clinch a playoff berth in the 2021 season. They are currently 42-20 with the first seed in the eastern conference. Keeping the first seed will be very important come playoff time. Being the higher seed will secure home court advantage in the playoffs. Therefore...

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Alabama Bans Transgender Girls from Competing in Female Sports, Florida following Their Footsteps

Mimi Castellanos May 3, 2021

While the many controversies arise within the past year, LGBTQ+ community are pulled into another dispute. On April 23, Alabama becomes one of the first states to ban transgender girls from participating in women sports. Alabama's Reason Reasoning that Alabama is one of the conservative states, Republican...

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No NFL MVP has ever been traded the year after he won the award. With the recent rumors swirling around Rodgers future, he may be the first on that list.

Aaron Rodgers at Feud with Green Bay Packers, Considers His Future

Enrique Medina, Broadcast Director May 3, 2021

Prior to this week’s highly anticipated NFL Draft, reports came out that long-time Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is extremely unhappy with the team. According to ESPN Senior NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, “Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers that he has told some within...

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Chicharito has played for 5 of the biggest clubs in the world, and in 5 different countries. La Galaxy is the first time Chicharito has played in a club outside of Europe since leaving Chivas de Guadalajara in 2010.

Chicharito Hat-Trick as La Galaxy Beat New York Red Bulls

Fernando Ramos, Reporter April 29, 2021

MLS is Back The MLS is back and one of the biggest stars in the MLS, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández has just had one of the best games in his career. La Galaxy hosted New York Red Bulls. In a very close game, La Galaxy came out victorious in a 3-2 victory. Undoubtedly, the man of the match was Mexican...

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COVID-19 Cases Rise in Japan, Will the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Continue?

Mimi Castellanos April 27, 2021

2020 Tokyo Olympics Pending Since the multiple strands of COVID-19 have been plaguing the earth, sports events risk their continuation. With the Olympics being postponed to this July, there are still concerns of possible cancellation. The Liberal Democratic Party’s No.2 Torisho Nikai says the games...

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Terrence Clark, 19, was one of the best basketball recruits the Boston area saw in this past decade. He was described to be a prolific scorer and also a very athletic shooting guard.

NBA Draft Prospect Terrence Clarke, 19, Dies in Car Crash in Los Angeles Area

Enrique Medina, Broadcast Director April 26, 2021

Terrence Clarke, a beloved Freshman guard from the Kentucky Wildcats this past season, died in a car crash Thursday in the Los Angeles Area. Clarke was only 19 years old.  Clarke was a star freshman at Kentucky this past year. He averaged 9.6 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.0 assists and shot 42.1% from...

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Stephen Curry has been able to carry this Warriors team in the regular season so far, but will he be able to do this in the playoffs.

Stephen Curry in MVP Form

Justin Gomez April 22, 2021

It has been 5 years since Stephen Curry has won the most valuable player award. When he won that award 5 years ago, he became the first player to win by unanimous selection. As a matter of fact that was also the second MVP award earned. Most people know how good Stephen Curry was during those two years....

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According to a 2011 report, Arsenal recorded over a 100 million fanbase worldwide that made them third-largest fan base for their team.

Six English Teams Withdraw from European Super League After Receiving Backlash

Mimi Castellanos April 21, 2021

With the various restrictions made in the European Super League, the teams took a surprising turn. Six English clubs announce withdrawing participation from this league. The sudden exit could be a downfall for the ESL this year. Although the European Super League contains multiple clubs across Europe,...

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The UEFA Super League will provide all the clubs that participate with this new competition with 3.5 billion dollars and an additional 6.5 billion in future payments.

European Super League

Fernando Ramos, Reporter April 21, 2021

What is the Super League? Without a doubt the world has been shocked over the formation of the European Super League. The founding clubs involved include the big 6 of England; Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tothenham. As well as; Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico...

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