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A Night of Fun and Frights

“Fright Night” at Uptown Whittier Night Market
Photo Credit: Samantha Marin
“Fright Night” at Uptown Whittier Night Market

Uptown Whittier hosted their weekly night market this past Wednesday Oct. 11. The theme of this week’s market was “Fright Night” and was centered around Halloween. There were many activities that people were able to participate in such as a costume contest and an inflatable maze.

This event had a huge turnout. The streets were filled with kids, adults, and surprisingly a large amount of dogs as well. Many of them were dressed in costumes as well and it amplified the fun vibe of the night.

Many people find these markets very fun to experience, but they mostly find it more beneficial for the kids.

“It’s definitely good for the kids because they get to experience new things and see what the community does have to offer for the kids in Whittier,” said Tyler Gloria, a local of the city of Whittier. “I’ve been to a few of these events and they’re really fun and the kids love them”.

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One of the main attractions of the night was the costume contest. There were two contests, one for the kids and the other for the adults. Many people participated and had some great and creative costumes. Among some of these costumes that stood out were Jack Skellington, Michael Myers, Covid-19, Elmo, and many more.

Night Markets Help Grow Small Businesses

While the market was mainly focused on the different activities, there were also many businesses that were promoting their companies. There were over 100 small businesses set up at the market.

One of the reasons why the night market is such a huge hit within the community is because it gives people a chance to discover new businesses that they might find interesting. 

Also, it gives these businesses the chance to expand their companies by gaining new attention and possibly new customers.

“It has a lot to do with the exposure,” said Jeann Lopez from Blooming Amethyst. “It helps us grow like our instagram posts and it helps us get more views,” said Jeann Lopez from Blooming Amethyst.

These events can sometimes bring in more exposure and customers than social media publicity because it allows for companies and customers to talk face to face which can help them be more connected.

“It definitely does bring a lot more different customers,” said Yolanda Santana, owner of Zen Avenue Jewelry. “People go out and they don’t really expect to see vendors and when they do you are able to sell yourself to them and build a relationship with them.”

How Night Markets Help The Community

These events are also a very important part in keeping the community together and helping to bond with each other.

“You definitely do come across the same people so you do become friends with these people and so it’s pretty nice to see everyone come and support,” said Santana. “It’s just the vibe that they give and they bring the good energy that they have.”

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