Evil Dead Rising is Disgustingly Good

In terms of scare factor your fear will vary with Lee Cronin’s new movie “Evil Dead Rise”. The kills in the movie are absolutely brutal and gory. The movie has a large emphasis on child endangerment gives the movie a different feeling making it just seem plain out wrong.

Though a scary movie there still are sheds of humor thrown into the mix. Such as an eyeball getting ripped out and landing in someone’s mouth. 

The movie has a more straightforward horror feeling due to the movie taking place in a beaten down apartment building instead of a cabin in the woods. Though the movie doesn’t have a whole undead army such as the previous movie did. Deadite the movie’s antagonist plays more of a possession story than a zombie story. 

The role of the villain is Alyssa Sutherland playing Ellie, the mother of the three children. She turns on her children trying to murder them  with anything she can find, one of the tools being a cheese grater.

The hero of the movie is Ellie’s Sister Beth played by Lily Sullivan. She returns home when she finds out she is pregnant and needs Ellie’s help. But she ends up having to fight Ellie in many gory scenes. The family aspect of the movie where the family is killing each other makes  it seem much heavier than it should be. 

Evil Dead Rise is a movie for people with dark humor made by people with even darker humor. The movie being 97 minutes long it doesn’t seem to drag on. The movie is perfect for new Evil dead fans and it’s something different for long time fans.