Maneskin: Rock Stars On The Rise


Maneskin performing at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

Making their big break on “Eurovision” 2021, Maneksin seduced the world with its modern rock glam look and its alternative sound. The Italian rock band formed in 2016. It is composed of vocalist Damino David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, drummer Ethan Torchio, and guitarist Thomas Raggi. 

The foursome began by singing in the streets of Italy. They gained popularity when they finished second in Italy’s “X-Factor” in 2017. However, what truly launched them into stardom was winning “Eurovision,” an international music competition, with their song “Zitti E Buoni.”  

Not only does the band have an incredible rock sound, but their alternative style has become a staple for them. Their uniquely genderfluid, glam-rock look is a statement of sexual freedom and self-expression. They are not afraid of being themselves, and use their wardrobe to express themselves and what they stand for. 

As a result of the importance of Maneskin’s look, fans criticized MTV for censoring their performance of “Supermodel” during the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). Bassist Victoria (Vic) De Angelis sported a one shoulder top and a heart shaped pasty covering the exposed breast. During the performance her top slipped, exposing her breast, and MTV was quick to censor the video. 

Many fans felt it was a disservice to the performance, as the band has never been one to shy away from lack of clothing. De Angelis has sported nothing but pasties to performances. In fact, MTV was a major factor in the popularization of the pop rock movement back in the 80’s. Others have criticized the fact that her male co-stars were just as exposed, but not censored. In that same VMA performance lead singer Damino David stunned the crowds wearing only a pair of chaps.  Media outlets have never censored her male bandmates for their wardrobe or bodies, and many people were disappointed in MTV’s handling of the performance.

Since their victory in “Eurovision” the band has performed on many award shows and late night talk shows. Currently the band is on their Loud Kids Tour across 18 different countries. This is their first headline tour in North America, and the fans have received them with open arms. Most recently, they sold out the Hollywood Palladium here in Los Angeles on Nov. 7. That band is still on tour, be sure to catch them if you can, and keep an out for the new age of rock.