Staying Frosty COD: MW2 latest release


The campaign for this latest edition of the call of duty franchise has been amazing. When you have the likes of Captain Price, Ghost, and Soap, you know you are in for some very intense action. Without spoiling much, this has been such a great story and the perfect from 2019’s Modern Warfare release. This year the new campaign appears to be 6-8 hours of guns and explosions in the single player mode. What I like about the campaign is that this time you get to carry more equipment in a backpack. Being able to have more items with you is a lot more helpful such as flash grenades, heartbeat sensors, knives, just to name a few.

What was also a good addition is being able to create items to help you pry open a door or smoke grenades to help you escape your enemies. Being able to construct weapons such as C4’s and molotovs from items you find near you makes it feel alot more realistic. Only downside from the campaign is that your partner who can’t be controlled by you tends to not be that helpful when it comes to taking down enemies but, I do appreciate the fantastic dialogue from the characters throughout the campaign.


Online Multiplayer we are back to grind. All new camos and weapon tweaks have been added. New maps from crown raceway, Valderas museum, to Al Bagra Fortress and many more for 6v6 games. Ground war maps have Sa’id, Sariff bay, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, and many more. Sixteen multiplayer maps in total, 11 traditional 6v6 Core Maps, and 5 large 32v32 Ground War maps and hopefully many more will be added later on. This year players will have the option to tune their weapon attachments once they max out their weapon.

The tuning will consist of recoil stabilization, aim down sight, aim walking speed and aiming idle speed. This changes the whole dynamic as players can find what works for them and their preferences. Launch night was working well, until constant crashing from the game made it difficult to play. But the next day was not much of an issue. Definitely expect a patch update soon to fix these crashes. Overall, the game online felt a lot more smoother and better from what we got in the beta last month. Now all we are waiting for is “War Zone 2.0” to release the map Al Mazrah.