Smile: Your Worse Nightmare Becomes Reality

What Makes You Smile?


Photo Credit: Mia Alvarez

“Smile” movie poster seen outside of Harkins theater in Cerritos on Oct. 8, 2022.

The movie topping the charts for October, “Smile,” directed by Parker Finn, was released on Sep. 30, 2022. “Smile” is unpredictable. All those moviegoers out there, this movie will for sure have you jumping out of your seats.

“Smile” kicks off with Rose (Sosie Bacon), a young clinical psychiatrist who witnessed her mother’s suicide when she was ten. One day, Rose meets one of her hysterical patients (Caitlin Stasey), who claims that a murderous and shape-shifting entity is stalking her. Suddenly, her patient commits suicide right before her very eyes.

Rose finds out that this entity feeds on its victims’ minds and takes on the form of certain people from their past and present memories. These memories traumatize the victims into self-harm. Rose soon finds out that each victim died tragically, but the real question is, why do they all die with a smile?

The use of past trauma and its presentation of death as a viral infection, which passes from one person to another, makes this movie unlike “Truth or Dare,” “The Ring,” and “It Follows.” Throughout the film, Rose’s personality transitions as the movie progresses. In the beginning, she was very professional and well put-together. But, as the story proceeds, the makeup disappears, and bags start to appear under her eyes.

The film includes bloody and gory scenes. These scenes are pretty eerie to watch; some were either tilted or shot upside down.

Overall, this movie is worth watching on the big screen. It will create a new fear for you that you have never seen before. “Smile” is currently playing in theaters and will hopefully be streaming on Paramount+ after its theatrical release.

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