Billie Eilish Concert: Was it Everything I Wanted?

The “Happier Than Ever” Billie Eilish World Tour has concluded with the last concert on Saturday, April 9, 2022, in the United States. Thankfully on Friday, April 8, 2022, I was able to experience an opportunity of a lifetime at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

Opening Act

The opening act for this concert was an artist, Dora Jar, and her band. She sang around seven songs starting after 7:30 pm. Honestly, her performance was really good and entertaining even though I was unfamiliar with her songs. This unfamiliarity was a common theme for most of the crowd as no one was dancing or recording it. There was also a lack of visuals, but it was fine as is. The best song she performed (according to my sister and me) was “Scab Song”, a song that she says is about a scar on her knee that looked like Hawaii. My sister was really impressed to the point she downloaded all Dora Jar’s songs on Apple Music. Overall, a really good opener that deserved more appreciation.

Excessive Prices

Before talking about the good parts, let’s talk about the bad parts first. The biggest problem at the concert was the amount of waiting. There was a long line for everything: to go inside the venue, the merchandise, and the food/beverages. That leads to my next point where everything there was so expensive. A simple bottle of water was 6.00 dollars. The merchandise was by far the most expensive items as the biggest priced ones go for 90.00 dollars.

General Admission Floor Problems

The next problem only applies to the general admission floor. The problem is that it was too cramped there. People did not care about personal space and acted like it was okay to not follow the mask policy at the Kia Forum. Some fans even had the nerve to throw items at Billie Eilish. Another issue with floor tickets is there are no seats which was a problem during the waiting. Not so much during the performance. The last problem is that tall people should have gone to the back.


Billie Eilish did a magnificent job in picking the song setlist for this night as there was a song for everyone to enjoy. My sister didn’t like the song, “NDA” before the concert. That would change as it would be her personal favorite performance of the whole concert. Honestly, all 26 of her performances were so good and entertaining that I can’t pick a favorite. Her entrance and opening songs were spectacular. At one point, she got emotional and ended up tearing up as the crowd continued singing. The props, special effects, and visuals she used added to her performances. Her use of a crane was fantastic and helped further guests get a better view. She would constantly engage with the crowd and knew how to get us hyped. As she was singing her last song, it hit me just how perfect this show went.


Notice how the problems don’t include anything Billie Eilish did. This was because she was electrifying and marvelous to the point I thought I was in a simulation. Her performance was way too smooth and she really put her whole heart and soul into this wonderful night. Overall, it was an honor just to be in her presence and I must say Billie’s performance lived up to my expectations.