Residente and J Balvin feud

Who is Residente

A quick intro to the artist René Pérez Joglar most commonly known as Residente. Residente is a reggaetonero from Puerto Rico. René is co-founder and rapper in the duo group Calle 13 which had amazing Hits such as Atrevete-Te-Te, Muerte en Hawaii,  and so many more. Residente has won 24 Latin Grammys while in Calle 13 and is an incredibly talented writer and rapper. 

Who is J Balvin

José Álvaro Osorio Balvin most known as J Balvin is also a reggaetonero who is from Colombia and has also made a mark for himself in the world of reggaetón. J Balvin has two Latin Grammys and a billboard award himself. He has hits with Mi gente, and La canción con Reggaetonero Bad Bunny. 

Timeline of Feud

The feud began in September of 2021 when J Balvin tweeted out how artists in the urban genre are under-appreciated. However, the genre brings in the most money. Balvin then suggested the Latin Grammys be boycotted because of this. This tweet has been deleted. 

 Residente responded with a video replying on Instagram which has since been deleted. Where Residente explains it does not make sense as he has won Grammys for the genre. He also begins to explain that there are two different types of music one where the person wants to eat a hotdog insinuating it as J Balvin’s music and the other wants to eat at a Michelin star restaurant as in other music is much better. 


J Balvin then decided to post a picture of himself at a hotdog cart. Later on, J Balvin releases merchandise with a hot dog on a shirt to make a profit. After releasing the merchandise it is told by Residente that Balvin and himself had talked it out. However, J balvin wanted to make some money and still released the hot dog shirts which offended Residente. As the feud continues to today’s timeline. 


Residente releases Residente: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 49  in 2022 where he practically destroys J Balvin in the best way possible, through his art. In comparison, this is the way Eminem destroyed Machine Gun Kelly when he released Killshot  J Balvin has not released a song replying to Residente which leaves the question is J Balvin okay after being slaughtered?