Sydney Sweeney From “Euphoria” Joins Sony’s Marvel Universe

The star of HBO Max’s hit series Euphoria and The White Lotus, Sydney Sweeney is now part of Sony’s Marvel Universe Characters. On March 16, it was confirmed that Sweeney will join the new Spider-Man movie “Madame Web.” The news that the American actress will make her Marvel debut joining Dakota Johnson has been trending all over social media. The same day, Sweeney shared a Deadline post on her Instagram confirming her role in the new Madame Web movie. Currently, that post has over 1 million likes.

Sweeney debuted in 2009 and since then, she has had a rise in her career. She is the second actor to be confirmed to join the film. Although it is not yet known what role she is starring in, it is rumored that it will be a leading role, as Gwen Stacy or the fourth Spider-Woman, granddaughter of Madame Webb. Sony’s Spider-Verse hasn’t revealed the rest of the cast or any plot details yet, as it’s still in development. However, it was confirmed that S.J. Clarkson is directing the film.

But who is Madame Web? 

Madame Web first appeared in 1981’s Amazing Spider-Man #210 created by Dennis O’Neil and John Romita Jr. In the comics, Cassandra Web is her original name. She is a blind woman who helps Spider-Man with his clairvoyant visions. Madame Web suffered from a degenerative disease that caused her central nervous system to collapse. So she was forced to connect to a vital system created by her husband, Jonathan Web. In Madame Web’s images, she seems evil or creepy because the system she was connected to looks like a giant spider web. However, Madame Web is on the side of good.

The decision to cast Johnson as Madame Web has Marvel fans anxious to know if the movie will take a different tack than the comics. Johnson could play the second Madame Web, Julia Carpenter instead of the original. Carpenter was a Spider-Woman who debuted in the first Secret Wars limited series in 1984. Before Madame Web died, she transferred her powers to Carpenter, making her the second Madame Web.

There are many theories about this movie so fans will have to wait for more updates to know exactly everything about this movie.