Quick and easy thanksgiving food to bring to the family

It’s that time of year, and for the first time for many if you skipped out last year. Family gathering for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the time of a bunch of unwanted questions and secret Santa for Christmas coming up. Thanksgiving is the pregame before the big event. Also known as Christmas or any other amazing holiday you may celebrate. If you are celebrating with your other half and their family this year, bringing something is very important. This will probably be the first impression you have on the family if it’s your first time meeting. 


Spice Kitchen & Bar listed 5 quick and easy food items to take to the family dinner or significant others family thanksgiving. 


1.Pumpkin pie


 If you’re not a baker try picking up a pumpkin pie from Costco, Ralphs, or honestly any supermarket will have pumpkin pie during this season. Who doesn’t like store bought pumpkin pie and if anything say you made it. 

2. Bread rolls 


There are never enough bread rolls, especially kings Hawaiian bread rolls after the oven. They just taste amazing and are an amazing distraction when pretending to be interested in something you don’t care about. If you want to add more just cut them in half and put some cheese and salami quick and easy. 


3. Mac and cheese 


Mac and cheese is one of the best sides you can eat on thanksgiving. Quick easy box Mac and cheese with cut up bacon in the oven add some bread crumbs and you’re done. There is nothing to it. And if you don’t feel like cooking Costco has amazing Mac and cheese just put it in the oven and take it to dinner. 

4. Pan dulce 


Who doesn’t like some good pan dulce like desert with a coffee, atole, champurrado or any drink your family may love with sweet bread. Buy it at a panadería and just put them on a pretty plate and that’s your dish.

5. The drinks 


Not food, but take the family drinks we all know our parents, aunts, uncles and cousins favorite drink bring it and the family will probably just excuse it like you brought something. Ask your significant other what their parents like, maybe a wine. The thought counts.