Blessing of the Animals

Photo Credit: Saint Ignatius of Antioch NYC

The blessing of the animals began in honor of the feast of St Francis of Assisi who is known as the saint of animals and environment. The blessing is on Oct 4th of every year. This year and the year before have all been socially distanced due to the pandemic. And many precautions have taken place. There is a clear difference in celebration from past years. As we become more creative with how birthdays and baby showers are celebrated. Such as with drive-in celebrations. Churches have also opted for outside blessings or small gatherings with social distancing inside, even with a drive thru blessing in some.  

churches are just starting to open back up again. This mass in particular was one to look foreword to. As it is the blessing of peoples beloved pets. It is a moment for us to recognize the animals as a part of the family. The blessing can also be seen as humans not being more valuable than the animal, but seen as the animals care taker.

Many fur parents find comfort in blessing their animals as it is a tradition to do so in many religious practices. The blessing is done by the religious leader of the practice. One of the best parts of the Animal blessing is that all types of animals are allowed to go to the blessing. Many people take bunnies, snakes, dogs, cats, and even frogs.

The story of Saint Francis of Assisi

The story of St. Francis of Assisi began when he renounced the wealth of his family and devoted his life to God. He was known for his love of animals and the belief that his faith and the love of animals goes together. St. Assisi died on October 4, 1226 and was canonized by Pope Gregory IX on the same day. Therefore, the blessing of animals now takes place every fourth of October of every year.