Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Interview with Oprah

Harry and Meghan spill the tea

Were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle silent or were they silenced, a question Oprah asked, and that’s what we found out this past week during one of the most anticipated interviews. We find out the truth about Harry and Meghan and their relationship with the royal family in the two hour long interview that aired on CBS.

Before the Storm

Everything started off good for them and then suddenly it wasn’t anymore. They are one of the most talked about couples in the media. 2 billion people across the world watched their wedding through their televisions. There was actually a secret wedding 3 days before the big one, just them two and the archbishop. The royal family welcomed Meghan into their family. Meghan and Queen Elizabeth had hit it off quite well. 

When things started going South

It was after the wedding when the tabloids started getting out of hand. One of the rumors that Meghan had set straight with Oprah was that she didn’t make her sister-in-law, the Duchess Kate Middleton cry. Au contraire, Kate Middleton had made Meghan cry. Kate’s remark about the flower girl dress hurt Meghan’s feelings. Markle did say that there was an apology along with flowers with a note from her sister-in-law.

Despite all the false rumors and accusations that made Meghan look bad, everyone in the palace knew they weren’t true but nobody spoke up to set the records straight, they just let it happen. Markle delt with a lot of racism, yet the royal family did not acknowlege it. Nobody was protecting her. It was obvious that they treated Meghan differently, compared to Kate. 

Meghan’s Mental Health

Due to the stress of having a senior role in the royal family and the tabloids speaking badly of her constantly, all while being pregnant, it led her to a dark place. She revealed that at one point, she didn’t want to be alive anymore. Although she was ashamed to admit it, she needed help. The royal institution didn’t provide her help for her mental health. She couldn’t go get it herself either. Any member of the royal family can’t just get a car and go out of the palace to a hospital. Meghan couldn’t even to go out and get lunch with her friends. She even tried calling the Buckingham Palace’s HR to receive the help she needed, but they couldn’t help her because she wasn’t technically an employee.

What was Harry doing about it? He had admitted that it took him a while to speak up for his wife because he was ashamed that she needed help but when he did, they kind of just replied with “this is how it is”.

They were told that Archie would not have a title, or security. Even before knowing the gender, they had said they didn’t want the baby to be a prince or princess. No explanation why. They didn’t care much about the title, but what they did want was protection for the baby. Harry disclosed that a family member was concerned about what skin tone the baby will have. The mystery is, which family member do you think said that? They also never asked to take the traditional photo with the baby after being born.

The Aftermath

In 2019, the couple decided to take a step back from the royal family. They moved to Canada due to them not getting the help they needed. There was lack of support from both the firm and the press. Despite the letters Meghan would write to the royal family, they were cut off from the royal security. Actor, director, producer and screenwriter Tyler Perry gave them temporary shelter in his Los Angeles home.

In March of 2020 they settled into their new home in Santa Barbara, California. They also officially stepped down form their senior roles of the royal family. They reported that the royal family cut them off financially during the first quarter of 2020. Luckily Harry has money saved from his mother, Princess Diana. They also have many deals with big companies including Netflix.

Because he took matters into his own hands, Harry’s relationship with his family has changed. His father Prince Charles, stopped taking his calls at one point and his relationship with his brother Prince William is “spaced”. Now, Harry said his father started accepting his calls again but things are still rocky. He wants to heal his relationship with his family, his father especially. The couples relationship with the queen is still good, they call each other constantly.

The End

Harry knows that his mother, Princess Diana, would be angry about all of this. But now they are living the life they wanted, they love living authentically they said. The couple admitted that if they had the support, they would still be living in Buckingham Palace. Harry has no regrets about any of it, he had to do what he had to do for his family. The couple are expecting a baby girl in the summer. Their little family is thriving and it is truly a happily ever after.