Daft Punk Announces Retirement

Daft Punk Announces Split

The legendary group broke the news to the world on Monday. A 7-minute video was posted to Youtube titled “Epilogue,” that pays homage to their 2006 film Electroma.  The breakup was confirmed by the duo’s publicist Kathryn Frazier, however no other comments have been made regarding the matter.

The two Frenchmen first made their US debut at techno festival in Wisconsin in 1996. The group combined techno, house and rave elements into their music and sampled various songs from the 70’s and 80’s. They even reworked their own songs to create new melodies. Daft Punk released their debut studio album “Homework” in 1997. They went on to produce three more studio albums and later scored the soundtrack to Disney’s Tron: Legacy.

The reason behind their iconic helmets was to remain anonymous. Cheap plastic party masks were worn until the gold and silver helmets were custom made. The helmets were inspired by the French band Space and the film “Phantom of the Paradise.

The anonymity the helmets created was the group’s strongest quality. Their minimal but vivid presentation let the music speak for itself. The curiosity behind the helmets left us wanting more. Daft Punk’s ageless music and mystery will leave us wanting to play it one more time.