Rage Against the Machine Announces 2020 World Tour

After a nine year hiatus Rage Against the Machine has announced a 2020 world tour, with the help of Run of the Jewels. The “Public Service Announcement” released by the band includes over 40 dates, from El Paso, Texas to Vienna Austria. Consisting of two nights back to back in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. However, this massive tour also includes four headlining spots at Indios’ Coachella and Leeds festival in London.

All Proceeds from the first three shows will be donated to Immigrants Rights Organizations. Those first shows being in El Paso, Arizona and New Mexico. Proceeds from other shows will be donated to different activists groups, located in their cities

Over the span of 29 years, Rage Against the Machine has had a momentous career. Right out of the gate with their self titled debut album released in 1992, Rage has taken the music industry by storm. Setting the overture of their music career because of their cover of a monk setting himself on fire. A country divided, an unbalanced justice system and the political state of the country, this RATM reunion is something less of a coincidence. Their powerful music and words couldn’t be more relevant now.

A band who definitely stuck true to their name, raging against the machine, on numerous occasions. It’s exciting to think of what they’ll have in store for weekenders at Coachella. A very unlikely headliner for the now top 40 festival, but not foreign to it. Taking the stage once before in 2007, for their first reunion.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, February 13th at 11 A.M.