Microsoft’s AirPods -Style Earbuds

Written by Jesus Manriquez, Digital Executive Editor

It seems like Microsoft is joining the world of wireless earbuds. According to some reports, Microsoft is its own AirPods- style of wireless earbuds.

Not much is known about how the earbuds would look like or what their functions would be. But some people have been speculating they could have the same functions as the Surface Headphones. For instance being able to receive calls, pause without taking your phone out of your pocket, or increase/decrease volume and maybe even noise cancellation.

Apple recently released its own version of ” AirPods 2″, but many people were really disappointed. The only big difference between the original AirPods and the second version was the wireless case. Same performance for a bigger price. People wanted a bigger variety of colors or even functions. If Microsoft is able to produce a high-quality pair of earbuds and listens to its customers, then they could beat the competition.

According to My Bluetooth Reviews, it is a great time to jump into the wireless earbuds market. Apple has propelled the category of wireless earbuds. Samsung already came up with their own version of wireless earbuds. And other companies like Amazon and J Buds are apparently working on their version of wireless earbuds.

There is no known date of release, we could be seeing them late this year or even next year. Although we may not know much about Microsoft’s earbuds, we can be sure that they will be of quality. Microsoft will be going in a growing market, but also an uphill battle against more known companies like Bose, Sony, Apple, and Samsung. But that could be even better for the consumer, we could be getting better, higher quality earbuds.