Tinder For Food

There is a new app that has been nicknamed, “tinder for food”. This app is called Yum List and it has made it easy to find fun new restaurants for all your foodie desires. The app is now available on the app store and is currently available in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The app store describes Yum List, “Like a dating app for local food, swipe right for hot dishes to hook up with near you.”

The first step after downloading is to make an account. You can make an account one of two ways, you can use your Google account to set up a profile or you can sign up with Facebook. Once you have registered you can start exploring the app and all of its fun features.

What Can You Do On Yum List?

For starters, the app asks for your location so it can match you up with local restaurants. You get to look at pictures of food that local foodies have posted from nearby restaurants. If something looks appetizing you swipe right to save it to your “yum list”. When you swipe left you “pass” on that dish and move on to the next. Just like Tinder if you want to check out the “profile” of the food you can click on the picture to check out more about the food and where to find it.

Everything is Better With a Friend

The app shows you all of the fun places you can eat and while making a list for you. You are also able to add your contacts from Facebook. Once your contacts are synced that’s when the real foodie fun can begin. You can match with a friend who has also swiped right on a dish. This feature makes it easy to see which friends would want to join you on a food quest to the restaurant to try out that dish for yourself.

DrgnFly Inc created Yum List and uploaded in to the app store 9 months ago. Since then the app has had several version updates. Making it more popular and user friendly with each one. The app currently has a 4.8 star rating with 288 reviews. As it’s popularity grows so will the ratings. Try out Yum List and see if this app can help you become a true foodie.