These Sunflowers are Waiting for You to Watch Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Jennifer España and Danielle Anzures

Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a Netflix original film starring Stranger Things alum, Shannon Purser and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before heartthrob, Noah Centineo.

The story follows Sierra Burgess, a high school outcast who struggles with finding herself in a world that cares more about what clothes you wear than who you are.

Her life of homework and band practice is thrown through a loop when Jamey, played by Centineo, texts her believing she’s the “it” girl of the school, Veronica. When Sierra realizes what has happened, she decides to enlist Veronica in an attempt to win over her crush.

The film premiered September 7 exclusively on Netflix and it left a lump in our throats. It is good and gets personal in a way we didn’t think would be possible.

As you follow Sierra and other protagonists you get the feeling that they’re growing right before our eyes. Some characters feel inadequate about themselves for internal or external things.

This story is less about romance and more about characters. Yes, the romance plays a big part in the story, but it’s the characters’ journey through this moment that is most important.

The romance is the weakest part of the film and at times scenes can get pretty cringy. This doesn’t ruin the movie, but it is noticeable.

Aside from that the progression of certain relationships by the end of the movie feel a bit rushed. It felt like the movie didn’t have enough time to do this and it probably would’ve worked better a mini-series instead.

Despite this, the actors do an amazing job at working with the time they got. Each relationship has believable chemistry.

These characters are flawed, just like us. They remind us to love ourselves for who we are, and love others past their physical features. Beauty is only skin deep if you wear your heart on your sleeve; you’ll always be beautiful.

The last third act of the film brings audiences to tears, it captures what it’s like to be someone who feels like everyone is judging them for existing. It’s at these moments that the movie is at its strongest.

The film showcased Purser’s singing ability, “Sunflower” became an anthem for those who feel unnoticed. The music featured in the film brought back the “feels” we once thought was gone. As the film comes to an end there was a scene in which it brought back a Sixteen Candles vibe, if you pay close attention you’ll also catch a reference to Purser’s previous work Stranger Things.

Although no film is 100 percent perfect, it did captivate our hearts in such a beautiful way. For that, I give Netflix props. If you haven’t checked out Sierra Burgess is A Loser, we highly recommend it.

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