Review: Angry Youtuber Emma Blackery uses Villains With Pop Music

Using anger for a pop music album is not an original idea, still Emma Blackery has decided to take a stab at it.


Despite being in the music industry for a while Emma Blackery, age 26, is more known for her Youtube channel. The channel called Emma Blackery and has nearly over a million subscribers with around 260 videos. In one of her videos entitled I Haven’t Been Honest she described her upcoming album as being “happy angry music,” and for the most part, the description fits.

The album officially dropped August 31 under the name Villains with 11 songs; Villains Pt. 1, Dirt, Agenda, Fake Friends, Icarus, Take Me Out, Petty, Third Eye, What I Felt with You, Burn the Witch, and Villains Pt. 2.

Themes of distrust among friends and being reflective of past relationships are present in Blackery’s songs. They mainly have a pop vibe to them, with only two songs straying away from this mold. The music takes a look into the negative feelings Blackery felt over the last summer and there is the level of spite in all the songs.

But is it any good? The answer to that is yes. This album takes you through a journey of negativity and yet Blackery learns a lesson by the end of it.


Villains Pt. 1

The build-up with the opening song immediately dips you into this toxic mindset Blackey is in.

It opens with, “I am a maverick. Built to create, designed to destroy. And I am the quiver in your bones when you get annoyed. And I am the nightmare. These monsters I hold, I’m bringing them home. And I am the shiver in your lungs when you’re out in the cold.”


It is jarring to go from this dark build up into the electropop song, Dirt. The song teases with a phrase, “I’ve got dirt on you.” The phrase has a schoolyard feel to it and yet it still fits into the album’s theme.


The transition into Agenda, which is about Blackery’s challenges with taking her serious in the music field, is more smooth.

Fake Friends

With Fake Friends, we are given a more reflective look at Blackery’s struggles with a rivalry in a  friendship. Yet she also that she isn’t innocent and both sides are at fault.


We are then given Icarus, this song is slower paced and her vocals are softer, Yet the electric beat present throughout the whole song still gives it a pop feel.

Take Me Out

The beat has a slow build up which helps them move into the song from the last one work. In this song, Blackery sings about her distrust in people and wondering who is going to take her out. “I put these walls up questioning the motives of my friends.”


Then we are given Petty, the pop song laments over a past relationship with ended with her singing, “You used to call me pretty, til you took out the R.”

Third Eye

The tune for Third Eye is more busy with the upbeat instrumental and her repeating “So what do you want from me?” throughout the song.

What I Felt with You

Then we are hit with What I Felt with You, this song is sad. “Sometimes I miss your touch and the whispers that made me blush, but I guess I don’t miss love if that’s what I felt with you.”

Burn the Witch

Despite lyrics like, “I’m a liar, I’m a b****. And you and I have unfinished business. Narcissistic hypocrite,” Burn the Witch is fun. There is a dark tone, but its pop vibe makes it sound fun.

Villains Pt. 2

The album closes out with Villains Pt. 2. This song is Blackery coming to the complete realization she is at fault for her problems. “Self-sabotage to the end,” and “Am I kidding myself? I’m my own biggest villain,” shows this new mindset.

If pop music with a hit of rage is for you check this album out.