Kanye vs. The People

New song "Ye Vs. The People" by Kanye West fuels controversy.

Sabrina Torres Soto

Ever since Kanye West’s return to Twitter, he has become the topic of discussion on an almost daily basis. From fashion, where he debuted some ideas for his newest Yeezy collection to his support for Trump when he shared his MAGA hat.

Fans were confused and some enraged. People are baffled as to why Kanye West is supporting Donald Trump who is a well known racist bigot.

He has since tweeted enthusiastically about his Republican views or as he likes to call it, “free thinking.”

Artists like P!nk, Chance The Rapper and John Legend to name a few, have taken to social media to speak regarding the issue.

P!nk tweeted, “Kanye West is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me” while Chance took to Twitter to defend Kanye.

John Legend had taken to text Kanye directly about the matter at hand and asked him to be aware of the influence he has on his fans. Kanye then proceeded to post the conversation on Twitter.

After intense criticism from fans and the media, Kanye released a song titled “Ye Vs. The People”

The track debuted on Power 106 Friday night.

The song Features T.I. who represents “The People” who are going against “Ye”.

It opens:

I know Obama was Heaven-sent/ But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President

To which T.I. Responds:

Yeah, you can, at what cost, though? Don’t that go against the teachings that Ye taught for?


As the two battle it out, West discusses police brutality. He sends open-ended questions where he asks if fans and the media would prefer he raps about crack in order to abide by the “culture”.


I feel an obligation to show people new ideas

And if you wanna hear ’em, there go two right here

Make America Great Again had a negative reception

I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction

Added empathy, care and love and affection

And y’all simply questionin’ my methods


What you willin’ to lose for the point to be proved?

This s— is stubborn, selfish, bullheaded, even for you

You wore a dusty-a– hat to represent the same views

As white supremacy, man, we expect better from you

Not just to be let down when we depend on you, homie

That’s why it’s important to know what direction you’re goin’ now

Similar to the text debate Kanye had posted on Twitter, he used the same reasoning to defend himself which was that he was expressing his free thought and encouraging “new ideas”. All the while T.I. encouraged him to reconsider given his influence.  


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